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B. Ed. (Music), B. Mus. (Hon), Ph.D.

Sohyun Eastham

.: Journey of the spirit

1. Abide with Me (6:10)

2. This is my Father’s World (2:59)

3. Nearer my God to Thee (7:36)

4. Blessed Assurance (6:00)

5. Amazing Grace (6:11)

6. He Leadeth me (5:00)

7. In the Garden (7:31)

8. Near the Cross (8:27)

9. My Hope is Built on Nothing Less (4:38)

10. It is Well with my Soul (10:53)

Total time: 65m 25s

JS-FathersWorld.mp3 JS-Nearer.mp3 JS-ItIsWell.mp3

Music has always been a part of Sohyun's life. She started playing the violin at age four. Her passion for playing good music for God has been unquenchable. Her dream has always been to produce an album of quality Christian music. At the end of 2009, God brought together a number of circumstances which allowed Sohyun to start working on this album. Colin Spiers, a lecturer in composition at the University of Newcastle, was asked to write the music for the album. Sohyun had wanted to work with Colin for some time and was delighted when he accepted the commission. Christina An, who has a Master of Music from Brisbane

University, plays the piano for the majority of the works.

The music was written to show the virtuoso capabilities of Sohyun's violin playing that God has so graciously given to her. And while music contains elements of the original melodies, it may be considered more of a composition than an arrangement. Colin has done a brilliant job in writing the music in the styles of Bach, Brahms, Mozart and Mahler. Most of the tracks are written for violin and piano. However, to add variety there is a piano trio, a quintet, and a horn trio.

The tracks on the album were arranged in order so as to give the feeling of the journey. The journey begins with the Pilgrims recognition of the fragility of their existence without God; the realisation that there is a God and that we have a Blessed assurance; finding God's amazing Grace and having God lead the pilgrim to the cross where their hope is built on nothing less; and finally to a sense of positive and joyous affirmation.

Recorded at the Psalter Studios, Sydney, and engineered by the very capable Dale Willis, Journey of the Spirit is an album that will both uplift you and bring a peacefulness to your spirit.

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